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Professional Training of The Highest Quality.

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Professionalism and Dedication Converge

We at A1 HGV Driving Training School based in Bedfordshire deal with 100's of students every year. We pride ourselves on preparing people for their test to a standard well above the other HGV Driving Schools. Our high pass rates are a tribute to that approach.

Complete & Comprehensive Training

Choosing a driving school is an important decision for many aspiring professional HGV/LGV and PSV drivers, getting it wrong can be very expensive and time consuming. There is always a consideration to be made between the different cost factors associated with driver training; other driving schools can get this equation wrong and may provide driver training courses that are too short for the candidate to be successful, poor vehicles and poor instructors.

A New Career

Take the next step to achieve your ambitons, whether it is to become a professional truck driver or simply to improve your driving standards, we offer a totally professional and friendly service at an affordable price.

For more information on how to bring your driving skills to the highest level simply contact us.

Highest Quality

We strive to offer a high quality learning environment for a competitive price, making it much more likely that trainees will pass their HGV/LGV or PSV driving test at the 1st attempt.